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"PREP made me $150,000 the first year I started using it."
Nancy Argo, Minneapolis, MN

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  • Investors: To learn to create and interpret a real estate pro forma, see the 6-part video series How to Evaluate an Income-Property Investment.
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    Personal Financial Statement
    A Professional Report Instantly

    Don't you hate filling out and updating your personal financial statement? But you need one for virtually every loan application. And many commercial lenders require you to submit an updated statement every year. This new program makes this tedious paperwork a thing of the past. And the professional presentation it prepares is sure to impress your lenders and investors.

    This powerful full-color, Excel-based point and click template lets you easily enter and describe your assets and liabilities, and then print a professionally formatted, easy-to-read statement of up to 16 pages in length. Extremely flexible, you can enter multiple properties owned (up to 30!) and even multiple partnerships.

    Automatic math calculations enhance speed and accuracy. Just click one button and a beautifully formatted presentation comes out of your printer. Changes and updates are a breeze. Just make your changes and print out a new statement. Choose between one- or two-applicant modes.  It even saves your completed statement as a .PDF for convenient emailing.

    Includes unlimited free technical support (that you're certain never to need) and no risk 30 day money-back guarantee. This program will save you tons of time. Requires MS Excel (not included). See also Real Estate Investment Analysis. Order yours now.

    For sample screen shots of this program, Click Here

    Requirements: Windows: Any IBM PC or compatible computer running Windows with Microsoft Excel ('97 or later), any printer. Mac: Any Macintosh computer running Microsoft Excel ('97 or later), any printer.

    PFST Only $79.95

    Credit Repair
    Take Control of Your Financial Future!

    More than 75 million American have the bad-credit blues, maybe even you.   Record numbers of credit card defaults, layoffs and foreclosures mean more people than ever before have low credit scores and damaged credit.  Bad credit can prevent you from getting a mortgage, credit card, car loan, or an apartment.  Fortunately, this best-selling package includes everything you'll need to turn bad credit, or no credit, into Triple-A credit!

    Our users commonly report their credit scores increase by as much as 100 points or more! You get all the forms you’ll need with detailed instructions on how and when to use them.  It's loaded with tips and secrets on the entire credit process. You may use it to increase your own credit score or that of your clients.

    You’ll learn how to: decipher a credit report; create a realistic spending plan; negotiate with credit bureaus; build a solid credit history; detect and fix incorrect information on reports; and so much more.  You’ll also learn how to avoid scams and deal with rampant identity theft issues.

    Your program includes 33 must-have documents, including: Request for Credit File; Request for Addition of Information/Account Histories; Request for Removal of Incorrect Information; Error/Dispute on Credit Card Bill; Offer/Request for Lower Payments (7); Request to Rewrite Loan Terms; Cashing Check Constitutes Release of All Claims (4); Creditor Notices (4); Request for Reinvestigation; Creditor Verification; Complaint About Collection Agency (2); Theft Affidavit; and so much more!

    All forms may be customized with your word processor.   Includes comprehensive user manual, unlimited free technical support, resources to turn to for additional help, and no risk 30 day money-back guarantee. Don't let bad credit (or someone else's errors) stand in the way of your financial future.   Order now and start qualifying for larger loans and lower interest rates.

    Requirements: Windows: Any IBM PC or compatible, Windows 98 through Win7 or later, 16MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, or any word processor, any Windows compatible printer. Macintosh: Any Mac computer capable of reading and editing files in .rtf and .pdf formats, any Mac printer.

    CRED Only $79.95

    Freedom Without Banks
    Buy Without Cash, Credit or a Bank!

    In today's challenging lending environment, relying on banks to fund your deals may not be an option.   Fortunately, you don't need banks to invest in real estate!  This massive 7 DVD set shows you exactly how to invest in real estate without cash, credit or conventional loans. By relying on private money, joint ventures, IRAs and more, investors are enjoying huge success and cash flow in today's market. Now you can learn all the secret and proven techniques creative professionals use to fund their deals, plus the pitfalls to avoid!  

    You'll learn the following powerful concepts:

    • What is "freedom" and why use real estate to achieve it
    • Why eliminate banks when investing<
    • How to finance and structure highly profitable deals without banks
    • How to create joint ventures without banks
    • How to find private money for your deals
    • 5 innovative ways to use seller financing to invest in properties
    • Using self-directed IRAs to fund your deals, and so much more!
    Ditch the banks and buy properties without cash or credit.  No risk 30 day money back guarantee if not delighted.   Order yours now.

    "No get-rich-quick scheme, just a solid and sensible way to invest in real estate that works!"  Kimberly Stewart

    Requirements: Any device capable of playing DVDs.

    FWB Only $129

    Government Grants for Real Estate
    Money for Free!

    Every year over 4 million people get free grants from the government to invest in real estate.  Shouldn't you be one of them?  Grants usually range from $1,000 to $5,000,000 each.  You can use this money to buy a home, invest in real estate, start or expand your business, or any one of numerous other purposes.  The best part is, unlike a loan, you never have to pay it back!  You don't need a job, and there are never any credit checks!   Paperwork is kept at a minimum and you can be approved in 30-90 days for most programs.  This is the best kept secret nobody knows about.

    There are currently over 75,000 programs available from state, federal and local governmental agencies and private and non-profit entities. And you can apply for as many as you like!  Most people are unaware of these programs because they are not well publicized.  In fact, millions of dollars each year goes back to state and federal treasuries because nobody applied for these funds! 

    This new CD makes it incredibly easy for you to get your share of this cash.  It's loaded with simple, step-by-step instructions and packed with over 600 pages of tips, secrets and free software to make your grant proposals successful.

    Your updated CD includes all this:

    • Entire catalog of Federal and Domestic Assistance (over 2300 pages)
    • Comprehensive listing of grant resources and publications
    • Over 20 sample business plans to guide you
    • State agencies, addresses, and websites for all 50 states
    • Standard SF-424 Application for Federal Assistance ready to fill out and submit
    • Free grant-writing software tutorial to make creating your proposals a breeze
    • Tons of free bonus material on foreclosure and "no money down" investments
    • Glossary of grant terminology, and so much more!

    Reserve your copy now and get your share of free money.  If you don't, somebody else will!  No risk 30 day money-back guarantee.

    Requirements: Windows: IBM PC and compatible, any Windows operating system, CD-ROM drive.

    GRNT Only $69.95

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