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"Agents are thrilled with the amount of time that [Re/Ad] saves them. The program is simple to install and very easy to use."
Watson Realty Corp., Jacksonville, FL

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  • See also LEGAL, CLOSINGS, and The Lease Purchase Handbook.
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    Real Estate Lawyer
    Save on Legal Fees!

    Now you can create binding real estate documents instantly on your PC without hiring an attorney! Protect yourself and save thousands on legal fees. This easy to use program is relied on by thousands of landlords, property managers, investors, agents and developers nationwide. It's recommended by the National Real Estate Investors Association.

    It features the 22 most used real estate documents, including sales con tracts, residential & commercial leases, quitclaim & warranty deeds, mortgages, promissory notes, powers of attorney, discharges and assignments, residential rental applications, mechanic's lien releases, contractor agreements, landlord letters, notices to quit and much more! The documents are valid in all states except Louisiana.

    The program is so easy to use even computer beginners can create professional documents in just minutes. An easy interview format takes you through each question, and then the program drafts a binding legal document with your responses that's valid under the laws of your state. Hundreds of different clauses tailor the documents to your specific situation. Send the documents to your printer as is, or easily modify with your favorite word processor.

    Features comprehensive manual in PDF format in plain English for the non-lawyer and on-line glossary. Includes pull-down menus, context-sensitive help, notepad, easy installation, notices of changes in the law and free, and unlimited technical support, and no risk 30 day money-back guarantee.

    Designed by a team of celebrated attorneys, Real Estate Lawyer gives you the protection and peace of mind you deserve. Avoid headaches, costly court battles and judgments! Order now.

    " excellent aid for real estate legal transactions of all kinds, and can easily pay for itself with one use." Computer Shopper

    Requirements: Pentium PC or higher, Windows 2000 through Windows 7 or 8, 20MB hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, any Windows supported printer.

    RELW Only $99.95 (list $129.95)

    Hard-To-Find Real Estate Contracts
    Hundreds of Professional Documents!

    Finally, a top-notch collection of all those hard-to-find residential real estate forms and contracts! Features hundreds of documents, all professionally drafted and real world tested. Just fill them in, easily edit if you like, and print. You'll save time searching for just the right form, save a ton on legal fees, and protect your interests. This must-have package received the highest Five Disk rating from Real Estate Computing.

    Includes multiple versions of the following ready-to-use documents:

    • Contract for Deed (Land Contract)
    • New Construction Purchase Contract
    • Option to Purchase
    • Lease with Option to Purchase
    • 1031 Exchange Contracts
    • Contract for Sale - Commercial Business
    • Easement - Right of Way
    • Commission & Listing Agreements
    • Quitclaim & Warranty Deeds
    • California Grant Deed (Adobe version only)
    • California Deed of Trust (Adobe version only)
    • Assignment of Deed of Trust
    • Binders
    • Right of First Refusal
    • Addendums, Assignments, Terminations
    • Letters of Intent
    • Agency Agreements & Disclosures
    • Property Management Agreements
    • Claim of Lien
    • Release/Waiver of Lien
    • Residential & Commercial Leases
    • Subleases
    • Lead Disclosures
    • Powers of Attorney
    • Promissory Notes & Mortgages
    • Releases
    • Buyer's/Seller's Estimate of Expenses
    • HUD/VA/FHA Forms & Riders
    • Credit Applications
    • Checklists & Worksheets
    • And Much, Much More!

    Available in two easy-to-use versions: Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat. The MS Word version includes over 177 forms that can be easily imported into your word processor for fast completion and editing.

    The Adobe Acrobat version (PDF format) includes over 500 forms and these additional features: digital signature capability; point and click check fields; automated calculation fields; e-mail your contracts (text-filled or empty); major franchise color logos; interactive help menu; fast text entry and editing; Explorer navigation panel; take advantage of thousands of Adobe plug-ins and features; and much more. Note: This version requires the full version of Adobe Acrobat (not included), not simply the "Reader".

    Professional, letter-perfect forms come out of your printer ready for the proper signatures. Forms are valid for use in all 50 states. Your program includes easy installation instructions, free and unlimited technical support, and no risk 30 day money back guarantee. For commercial real estate documents see Commercial Pro. Save tons of time and protect yourself! Reserve yours today.

    "This program makes all other contracts look like a 6th grader did them. Thanks!" Kevin Hitzemann, Minneapolis, MN

    Requirements: Windows: IBM PC or compatible running Windows 95 - Windows 9, CD-ROM drive, any Windows supported printer, with either Microsoft Word (any version) or Adobe Acrobat 4.0 or later (full version required, not included.)

    Agent Versions:

    HKAW For MS Word: Only $149 (one-time fee)
    HKAP For Adobe Acrobat (.pdf): Only $199 (one-time fee)

    Office Versions:
    HKOW For MS Word: Only $299 (one-time fee)
    HKOP For Adobe Acrobat (.pdf): Call

    Commercial Pro
    Commercial Real Estate Documents at Their Best

    Stop wasting time searching for (or struggling to create your own) commercial real estate forms and contracts. Now you can have the largest collection of commercial documents available today right at your fingertips. This one-of-a-kind CD includes over 175 documents with 700 pages in all! Ideal for any office, retail, industrial, investment, or land transaction.

    These documents are of professional quality and tested in real world transactions. These are the forms the most successful commercial brokers and attorneys have spent a fortune to develop and keep confidential∑until now. Protect yourself (and your commissions), save a ton on legal fees, and get more listings with these professionally prepared documents.

    Your package includes multiple versions of:

    • Letters of Intent
    • Purchase and Sale Agreements
    • Commercial Leases/Subleases
    • Options to Purchase
    • Listing Agreements
    • Business Purchase Agreements
    • Commission Agreements
    • Client Representation/Agency Agreements
    • Confidentiality Documents
    • Sale and Leaseback Agreements
    • Commercial Mortgages
    • Commercial Promissory Notes
    • Triple Net Leases
    • Ground Leases
    • Build to Suit
    • Rights of First Refusal
    • Broker Mailouts
    • Syndication Agreements
    • Office Use Documents
    • Marketing Packages
    • Proposals
    • Presentations & Brochures
    • Property Study
    • Disclosures, Assignments, Notices, Releases, Waivers, Amendments, Checklists, optional clauses
    • And much, much more!

    The program couldn't be simpler to use. Just choose the appropriate document from the pull-down menu, fill in the blanks, and click a button. A letter-perfect form comes out of your printer ready for the proper signatures! All forms may be easily customized with Microsoft Word if you desire.

    Documents are valid in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Your program includes easy installation, unlimited free technical support, and no risk 30 day money back guarantee. For investment analysis of commercial properties see Real Estate Investment Analysis. Whether you are a novice or an expert, Commercial Pro will save you time, increase your professionalism, and protect your interests. Reserve yours today.

    "We have used your software for several years. The documents are great." Bruce E. Cooke, CCIM, ProAlliance Realty

    Requirements: PC running any version of Windows, any version of Microsoft Word (required), 16MB RAM, 40MB hard disk space, CD-ROM, any Windows printer.

    COMP Commercial Pro: Only $179 (List $249)

    Landlord Management Forms
    152 Forms for Hassle-Free Management!

    This is an essential collection of forms that no owner or manager of residential rental property should be without. These forms cover every conceivable topic, from application to termination. Drafted by attorneys and real-world tested, these forms are designed to protect you and ensure that your property management is profitable and stress-free. The forms also prevent misunderstandings and disputes with tenants, which all too often result in headaches, legal fees and judgments.

    The program couldn't be simpler to use. Simply select a form from the drop-down menu, fill in the blanks, and click Print. A letter-perfect form comes out of your printer, ready for the proper signatures. All forms may be easily edited and modified with the built-in word processor. Or send to MS Word or any other word processor for further customization. You can even create and add your own additional forms to the program.

    Your program covers:

    • Application & Verification (26 forms): Rental Applications, Addendums, Disclosures, Checklists, Consent to Perform Checks, Credit/Landlord/Employment/Reference/Criminal/Security Deposit Verifications, Approvals/Denials of Application, and more.
    • Leasing & Addendums (28 forms): Rental Agreements, Leases, Move-in Checklists, New Tenant Information, Receipts, Guarantees, Cosigner/Roommate Addendums, Pet Agreements, Garage/Parking/Waterbed/Oil/Utilities Agreements, EPA Lead Pamphlet/Disclosures, and more.
    • Collection & Violation (31 forms): Rent Statements/Invoices/Receipts, Returned Check Notices, Late Fee Notices, Notice to Pay Rent/Perform or Quit, Upkeep/Utility/Noise/Garbage/Parking/Pet Violations, Notice of Attorney Involvement, Report to National Credit Agency, 30 Day Notice to Terminate, Collection Letters, Promissory Notes, and more.
    • Maintenance & Management (33 forms): Maintenance Requests, Notice of Intent to Enter, Inspection Reports and Failures, Seasonal Checklists and Notices, Smoke Detector Notices, Leakage/Freeze Letters, Safety/Accident Reports, Acknowledgement of Repair, Security Notice, Management Agreement, Powers of Attorney, and more.
    • Retention & Turnover (25 forms): Notice of Rent Increase, End of Lease Notice, Termination Agreements/Notices, Security/Pet Deposit Itemization & Return, Move-Out Checklists/Letters/Reminders, Thank You Letters, Exit Survey, Relet Agreement, and more.
    • Marketing (9 forms): For Rent Flyer, Market Survey, Letters to Brokers/Businesses/Students, Referral Policy and more.

    For sample documents go to:

    Includes complete user instructions and free technical support by e-mail. No risk 30 day money-back guarantee. Protect yourself, your property, and your bottom line. See also Tenant File for a complete desktop property management solution. Order your copy now.

    "Editor's Choice Award" - Real Estate Computing

    Requirements: Any version of Windows, any Windows compatible printer, Internet access.

    LMF Only $129.95 (Delivered digitally. No shipping!)

    Closing & Escrow Forms for Word
    Ready-To-Use Forms for Every Situation

    Don't go to your next residential closing without this top-notch collection of escrow forms you'll use again and again! No more frantic searching for (or struggling to create your own) escrow and closing documents. You'll receive over 50 of the most used closing forms, all in MS Word format, and all completely customizable. Please see complete description at Closing & Escrow Forms for Word.

    CLOS Only $69.95 (one-time fee!)

    Digital Office Suite 5.0
    Over 1,800 Acrobat Electronic Forms

    The future of electronic contract creation, digital signing, and distribution is here! Digital Office is a joint venture with Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), the recognized leader in digital documents distribution. If you're an Acrobat user you already know how powerful it is. Add to that over 1,800 real estate contracts, brochures, newsletters, flyers, tools, presentations, guides and more, and you have the ultimate all-in-one real estate software experience.

    Since 2000, Digital Office has been the program of choice of thousands of Acrobat users. Stop investing in software that technology outpaces and time makes obsolete. Enhance your professionalism and save time with these included features: WYSIWYG format; Fast text entry and editing; Digital signature capability (several different styles); Easy check box fields; Automated calculation fields (saves tons of time); E-mail any document (text-filled or empty); and shrinks document size for optimal emailing.

    But there's lot's more: Industry-standard in security; Explorer navigation panel; drag and drop forms anywhere; Plug-in software from thousands of Adobe certified vendors (many free or low cost); and much more. Software is fully customizable and un-protected! You may import any form in virtually any file format!

    Your suite includes:

    • Over 500 Acrobat-ready electronic contracts and forms (Federal and State)
    • All of the documents in Hard-to-Find Real Estate Contracts
    • All the brochures in Real Estate Brochures
    • All the newsletters in Real Estate Newsletters
    • Over 260 digital real estate flyers
    • Over 220 pre-set and customizable web links in Master Investor
    • Over 50 statistical flyers and 22 electronic real estate tools
    • Tons of marketing tools, all completely customizable
    • 8 digital signature Help videos
    • Easy video creation and insertion, slide presentation automation, and audio
    • 5 automated slide videos, fully customizable
    • Most up-to-date version of Adobe Reader included at no charge, and much more!
    Important: Requires the full version of Adobe Acrobat (not included), not simply the "Reader". Includes interactive Help files and videos, unlimited free telephone support, and no risk 30 day money-back guarantee. The future is here. Order today.

    "Editorial Product of the Year Award" - PC Magazine, March 2000

    Requirements: Windows: Intel Pentium or higher, Windows 95 - Windows 9, 16MB RAM (32MB recommended), 100MB hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, Internet connection, any Windows supported printer, and Adobe Acrobat 4.0 or later (full version required, not included)

    DIGA Agent version: Only $479 (one-time fee!)
    DIGO Office version: Contact us for multi-user pricing

    Realtor Referral Agreement on CD
    Get it in Writing!

    Ensure you'll get paid with a proven contract that's been tested in thousands of real estate offices nationwide. Referrals are a minefield that shouldn't be left to a handshake. A properly worded contract protects your rights and prevents misunderstandings that all too often become major disputes and lawsuits. Please see complete description at Realtor Referral Agreement on CD.

    RREF Realtor Referral Agreement on CD: Only $39.95

    Independent Contractor Agreement on CD
    Protect Yourself and Your Business!

    How well does your contract with your sales agents really protect you, the broker? Do you even have a written contract? A properly worded agreement is an absolute necessity to establish the independent contractor status of your agents. Overlook just one thing and your agents could be considered "employees", meaning you're liable for withholding taxes, social security, and so much more. It also means you're liable for all their actions. Don't let this happen to you! An ironclad contract also prevents misunderstandings with your sales agents that all too easily become major disputes, lawsuits and legal fees.

    Protect yourself with a proven contract that's been tested in thousands of real estate offices nationwide. Your contract is thorough, yet concise, addressing every conceivable topic. Simply copy and paste the form into your word processor and use "as is". Or easily customize with any word processor to address any special concerns.

    Your document covers: broker responsibilities; agent responsibilities; commissions; conduct/expectations; confidentiality; independent contractor status; expenses; arbitration of disputes; legal fees; severability; governing law; heirs and assigns; and so much more.

    Drafted by practicing real estate attorneys and experienced agents, nothing is overlooked. Includes easy installation instructions, unlimited free technical support, and no risk 30 day money back guarantee. Valid in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. See also The Policies and Procedures Manual. This is quite small insurance to pay! Order yours now.

    Requirements: Windows: IBM PC and compatible, Windows 3.1/95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP/Vista or later, CD-ROM drive, Microsoft Word (or any word processor that can read MS Word files), any Windows compatible printer.

    INDK Independent Contractor Agreement: Only $39.95
    INDB Independent Contractor Agreement and Realtor Referral Agreement Bundle : Only $59.95 (save $20 when you purchase both!)

    Construction Forms & Contracts
    125 of the Most Used Contracts & Forms!

    This is an extremely comprehensive collection of forms that no contractor or builder should be without. Designed for both residential and light commercial construction, now you can prepare enforceable and professional contracts on your PC or Mac in just minutes. Created by contractors and attorneys, these time-tested forms will help you avoid misunderstanding, disputes, and keep you out of legal trouble. They'll also save you a ton of time and legal fees.

    Your CD includes multiple versions of these essential forms:

    • Contracts: Proposals, Contracts, Subcontract Agreements, Change Orders, Transmittals, Mechanic's Liens & Waivers, Warranties, and more.
    • Estimating Forms: Bids, Quotes, Estimates, Logs, Cost Sheets, Breakdowns, Letters, and more.
    • Accounting Forms: Purchase Orders, Statements, Invoices, Progress Billing, Notices, Summaries, Releases, and more.
    • Field Forms: Worksheets, Work Orders, Schedules, Checklists, Reports, Punchlists, and more.
    • General Office Forms: Memos, Transmittals, Letters, Notices, Reports, Schedules, Time Cards, Data Sheets, Surveys, Questionnaires, and more.

    The program is extremely easy to use. Simply select the desired form, fill in the blanks, and click "Print". A letter-perfect form comes out of your printer ready for the proper signatures! All forms may be easily customized to fit your particular needs with your favorite word processor or spreadsheet program. Add your contact information and company logo. All forms are also provided on tear-out sheets as well as on CD.

    Includes detailed instructions on how and when to use each form, and the legal consequences thereof. Features user manual, free technical support, and no risk 30 day money back guarantee. See also CD Estimator for construction cost estimating. Save time, stay profitable, and avoid misunderstandings and disputes. Reserve yours now.

    Requirements: Windows/Mac: IBM PC and compatible 486 or higher, Windows 3.1/95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP/Vista or later or Macintosh, 8MB RAM, 10MB hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, and MS Word, WordPerfect, MS Works, or any word processor.

    CFC Construction Forms & Contracts: Only $89.95
    CFCB Construction Forms & Contracts and CD Estimator Bundle: Only $199 (Save $40 when you purchase both!)

    California Eviction Forms
    Approved Forms in Seconds!

    Terminating a tenancy the wrong way can cause unnecessary delays for landlords and invite lawsuits. This comprehensive resource shows California landlords, step-by-step, how to evict residential tenants legally, without the expense or delay of an attorney! All the forms you'll need are provided both in RTF/PDF format for easy completion and editing, and on tear-out paper forms.

    These are all Judicial Council forms, approved for use in all California courts, over 35 in all, including: notice to pay rent or quit, notice of termination of tenancy, notice to quit, summons, complaint, writ of execution, request for entry of default, writ of execution/possession/sale (Los Angeles form), judgment of unlawful detainer, additional pleadings for collecting a money judgment, and much more.

    Just filing an eviction often prompts the tenant to leave. And if it doesn't, you'll learn how to: handle a contested action yourself, win by default if the tenant doesn't respond (which is likely), and collect unpaid rent and damages when you win. Every detail (e.g. when pleadings must be on recycled paper) are explained for the non-lawyer. Ignore these rules at your peril!

    No CD means your forms are always the most up-to-date since you download them once you receive the book! The website includes access to relevant state statutes, FAQs, blogs and helpful videos on landlord-tenant issues. Includes printed book, free technical support, and no risk 30 day money-back guarantee. Not suitable for mobile homes, foreclosures or commercial properties. Will pay for itself again and again. Order now.

    "Recommended by the state Department of Consumer Affairs." Sacramento Bee

    Requirements: Any Windows PC or Mac running MS Word or any word processor that can read and edit RTF and PDF files, Internet access for forms download.

    EVIC Only $99.95 (one-time fee!)(California only)

    The California Deeds CD
    Deed Forms Instantly

    Now you can create enforceable California deeds on your PC quickly and easily without hiring an attorney! Stop searching for just the right form or buying expensive, pre-printed forms that quickly go out of date. This extremely popular program creates every form you'll need to legally transfer title to residential or commercial real estate in California. It's fast, easy, and inexpensive.

    Whether you need to transfer real estate because of sale, marriage, divorce, or estate planning purposes, this is the program for you. It's relied on by thousands of investors, agents, buyers, sellers, developers, attorneys, and escrow offices across California. It will save you tons of time and give you the legal protection and peace of mind you deserve.

    Your CD includes:

    • Grant Deeds
    • Quitclaim Deeds
    • Warranty Deeds
    • Deeds of Trust (FNMA Cal. Form 3005, Single Family)
    • Promissory Note Secured by Deed of Trust
    • Declaration of Exemption from Transfer Tax (Division of Marital Real Property)
    • Declaration of Exemption from Transfer Tax (Gift of Real Property), and
    • Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement (local option)

    The forms appear on the screen just as they do on paper. Simply fill in the names, legal descriptions, and other blanks and click "Print". All documents may be easily modified with Microsoft Word or your favorite word processor. In just minutes, professionally prepared deeds come out of your printer ready to be signed and recorded.

    All documents comply with the required format of 8 " by 11" and are approved California Recording Deeds. Includes easy installation instructions, unlimited free technical support, and no risk 30 day money back guarantee. For deed forms for non-California real estate see Real Estate Lawyer. This program will save you tons of time, money, and protect your legal interests. Reserve your CD now.

    Requirements: Windows: IBM PC and compatible 486 or higher, Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP or later, MS Word (or any other word processor that can read MS Word document files), any Windows compatible printer.

    DEED Only $69.95 (California only)

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