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  • For amortizations and complex interest calculations see iCalculator.
  • See also The Lease Purchase Handbook.

    Easy Note Servicing

    This extremely popular program manages all of the tracking activities of an investor in, or originator of notes, trust deeds, discounted notes, leases and other income streams. There is nothing else like it available. It is ideal for individual investors, subdivision sales, mobile home parks, auto dealers, CPAs, loan servicing companies, equipment leasing companies, and more. With NoteSmith you'll get organized, make more money, and spend less time doing it! With over 14,000 users, it's approved for use by the Texas Consumer Credit Commission and the California Department of Professional Regulation.

    NoteSmith is extremely easy to use, with pull-down menus and context-sensitive help. Enter payments received with no typing of recurring data. Data entry screens may be easily customized. Includes automatic escrow, service fees, late charges and late letter generation. Displays delinquencies by range of dates and performs automatic 30-60-90 day late summary.

    Prepare numerous management reports instantly, including: due dates, payment histories, cash flow, portfolio statistics, register, yields, escrow analysis by account, and collateral by payor or property showing LTV and ITV ratios. Includes investor payment history, which tracks return of capital, discount earned, and interest income. Easily track insurance and property tax amounts on each property and due dates.

    Prepares detailed amortization schedules. Performs daily or periodic compounding using any method. No payment schedule is too complex (or too simple). Easily handle regular amortization, interest-only, variable interest, demand notes, balloons, multiple advances, and more. Computes note brokerage capital gains and tracks wraparound notes easily. View equity and cash flow in one report. Includes multiple search functions. Mail merge with unlim ited form letters, including address, property, payor and payment information. Prints mailing labels, envelopes, payment coupon books, receipts, invoices, payoff forms and IRS Form 1098.

    NoteSmith Pro is designed for those businesses that service notes for others. The basic version of NoteSmith allows for one recipient of note payments (i.e. one individual or one entity). NoteSmith Pro can track the payments received by unlimited lenders, and can handle up to 9 investors per note. Both NoteSmith and NoteSmith Pro can handle unlimited loans.

    NoteSmith Pro has numerous additional useful features. It prints 1099s, 1098s, and 1096s both on plain paper and also on disk for magnetic filing with the IRS. All data may be exported to QuickBooks! You may also export your data for use in spreadsheets and other programs. The Pro version now includes optional bar-coded payment coupons, a custom report generator, and user-defined fields to screen notes according to your specific business needs. You may even scan in your original notes and other documents and the program will retrieve them by payor. The Pro version may be installed on up to two computers. The basic version is limited to one install.

    NoteSmith Pro also features full support for adjustable rate notes. You can even print your notes, mortgages and riders with the interface with Microsoft Word. All reports may also be printed in PDF format for convenient e-mailing to your borrowers or CPA. Report your non-payers to your credit bureau (by e-mail or diskette) with the new credit bureau interface! The Pro version now allows your payors to view their payment history over the Internet without calling you. And a website backup function allows you to maintain a password protected copy of your data offsite! NoteSmith Pro Net has all of the features of NoteSmith Pro and is network compatible.

    Adheres to the guidelines of IRS Publication 1099 and is used by thousands of CPAs, lenders and attorneys nationwide. Features 200 page printed user manual, on-line tutorial, context-sensitive help, automatic backup of your data, free technical support by toll-free fax and e-mail, and no risk 30 day money-back guarantee.

    If you manage notes or loans, you simply cannot afford to be without this program. Please shop around. Similar programs will cost you several thousand dollars and still may not do what NoteSmith does! Missed payments, wasted time, and fines could cost you a whole lot more than the price of this software! Reserve yours today.

    "The more I use your program the more I love it. Thanks." Ralph S. Perrone, Sr., Merritt Island, FL

    For more information and a slideshow demo, Click Here (Please be patient. This may take a few moments.)

    Requirements: Windows: Any IBM PC or compatible running Windows 2000 or later, USB port for FlashDrive, any printer. NoteSmith Pro Net will operate under virtually any network software.

    Single User:
    NS NoteSmith: Only $299
    NSP NoteSmith Pro: Only $499


    NSN NoteSmith Pro Net-5: Only $699 (up to 5 users on a network)
    N25 NoteSmith Pro Net-25: Only $899 (up to 25 users on a network)


    SERV Loan Servicing Contracts on CD (below): Only $39.95

    Loan Servicing Contracts on CD
    Protect Yourself and Get Paid!

    Managing your own portfolio is easy. But servicing loans for other investors is a minefield. Perhaps most important is having an iron-clad contract in place with every client. Do you have such protection? Now you do. Here's a proven agreement that addresses every conceivable topic to protect both you and your fee. It's relied on by over three thousand loan servicing companies nationwide! Save yourself from misunderstandings and disputes with your clients, costly legal fees, and lost commissions.

    Drafted by practicing real estate attorneys and loan servicers, nothing is overlooked. Your contract covers: your fees; collection of payments; disbursement of payments; time for payment; agency; responsibility; disclosures; deposit of documents; indemnification; representations and warranties; severability; governing law; assignment; and so much more. As further protection, you'll also get the all-important "Loan Servicing Transfer Disclosure" form required by RESPA, and the required "Notice of Transfer of Servicing" letter.

    Simply copy and paste the forms into your word processor and use "as is". Or easily customize to address any special concerns. Includes easy installation instructions, unlimited free technical support, and no risk 30 day money back guarantee. Valid in all 50 states. Protect yourself and get paid for your efforts! Call now.

    Requirements: Windows: IBM PC and compatible 486 or higher, Windows 3.1/95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP/Vista or later, 8MB RAM, 2MB hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, Microsoft Word (or any word processor that can read MS Word files), and any Windows compatible printer.

    SERV Only $39.95

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