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  • For residential leasing forms see also Real Estate Lawyer, and Landlord Management Forms.
  • For commercial leasing forms see Commercial Pro.
  • For property management business plans see Real Estate Business Plans

    EZ Landlord & EZ-Units

    Both have been discontinued and are no longer being supported or upgraded. We recommend TenantFile (below), now in a 10-unit version for only $129.95 (one-time fee!)

    Residential & Commercial Management...Economically

    This is an exceptional property management program for owners and managers of residential and commercial properties. It's ideal for houses, apartments, condos, multi-family, offices, commercial, warehouses, mini storage and mobile home parks and resorts. Since 1993, over 14,000 property owners and managers have come to rely on Tenant File to make their lives easier.

    This industry leading program is extremely easy to install and use. It's menu-driven, and features on-line help and pop up windows. It includes powerful accounting and information management systems that makes all your management tasks a breeze. And your data resides on your desktop, not vulnerable out there somewhere in the cloud!

    The tenant and owner ledgers maintain a wealth of information for easy recall. Instantly print dozens of date-sensitive financial and management reports, including tenant listings, owner statements, vacancy reports, income/expense summary, general ledger, ledger balances, check reconciliation, rent roll, property features, cash flows, expired leases, past due notices, tenant invoices, rent receipts, outstanding balances, statements, mailing labels, and much more - even user defined reports! All reports may be emailed.

    The recently updated program includes built-in check writing capabilities (three checkbooks) and automatic payment of recurring charges. Or, you can export your data to your Quicken or QuickBooks program to print your checks. It automatically calculates and posts rent and other charges. Now includes the ability to automatically increase rents, either by a fixed amount or percentage. Maintains detailed listing of up to unlimited vendors and allows unlimited automatic payments per vendor.

    A powerful search function finds any name, address, property or tenant in seconds! Now includes digital imaging to store photos of your units, and a complete reminder and to-do system. Year end closing will take you minutes, not hours. And there is no monthly closing to endure. Tenant File includes literally dozens of features to make your management tasks easier. Includes context-sensitive help, user manual in PDF format, fully searchable, and free phone support for 60 days (100 and unlimited unit versions only), unlimited free email and fax support.

    New: Digital imaging means you can store an unlimited number of photos or documents and attach them to each rental unit! The Landlord Management Forms add-on module includes over 152 pre-written leases and legal forms, to which you may merge data from the program, modify at will, or add your own.

    Now includes a free RentalWIZ subscription with every order. The RentalWIZ service allows you to upload your vacant property from the Tenant File program to the Internet with a single click! Includes a free web page for your listings that you can access from your own website or send in your emails. Also uploads your vacancies to other popular rental websites throughout the USA. This amazing program also includes a Craigslist HTML creation utility and the ability to create flyers for your rentals.

    An optional 1099 module prints income reports for owners and vendors and IRS 1099 MISC forms. Attention managers: you are required by IRS regulations to file yearly 1099s if you manage properties for other owners. Over 14,000 property owners and managers nationwide have come to rely on TenantFile to overcome the hassles and paperwork involved in tenant management. Shouldn't you join them? No risk 30 day money-back guarantee. Call today.

    "[Tenant File] has all the powerful features of many other higher priced property management programs, but is one of the lowest priced products on the market."  PC Computing Magazine

    Free Demo (try before you buy): Click Here

    Requirements: Windows: Windows XP, Vista, Win7 & 8, CD-ROM Drive, any Windows supported printer.   Download link e-mailed within hours of charging credit card.  Non-Returnable (please try before you buy).

     TF10  10 Units: Only $129.95 (one-time fee!)
    TF100W  100 Units: Only $269 (one-time fee!)
    TFUW  Unlimited Units: Only $429 (one-time fee!)
    TF99W  1099 MISC Module: Only $49.95 (one-time fee!)
    TFWO  Work Order Module: Only $129.95 (one-time fee!)
    LMF Landlord Management Forms Module: Only $129.95 (one-time fee!)
    TFCDTenant File Hard Copy CD: Add $30 (incl. s/h)
    TFPMPrinted User Manual: Add $50 (incl. s/h)

    How to Successfully Manage Rental Properties
    Double Your Cashflow

    If you're a landlord or property manager who wants to earn more money from your rentals, keep reading.  New from "Mr. Landlord," this 6 CD audio training course (from the author's all day "Build Your Cash Flow" seminar) will teach you over 110 ways to add thousands to your cashflow.   You'll learn proven and innovative management techniques to increase your profit while eliminating typical rental headaches.  It includes a wealth of ideas and techniques you simply will not find anywhere else.

    You will learn, step-by-step, how to:

    • Fill vacancies quickly with ideal, long-term tenants, even in a slow market
    • Get your money (worry-free payment methods) and double your monthly cashflow
    • Identify "problem" residents and eliminate typical landlord headaches
    • Get tenants to work with you and not against you with these custom lease clauses
    • Transition long-term renters into future homebuyers, and so much more
    You'll also receive absolutely free the Landlord's Kit (an $18.95 value), jam-packed with over 100 rental forms and 50 money-making ideas for investors.   As another free gift, you'll also receive a 12-month subscription to the award-winning Mr. Landlord Newsletter (an $89 value).   Each issue includes a wealth of time-proven tips, such as: how to build cashflow other than raising rents; avoiding costly mistakes; dozens of money-saving maintenance tips; how to protect yourself from tenant lawsuits; must-have rental clauses and tenant letters; landlord court cases reviewed, and so much more!  

    Even if you only have one tenant, this package is a no-brainer!   Just one idea (out of the hundreds you will learn) will make or save you thousands of dollars, keep you out of court, or alert you to a tenant's tricks that may be robbing you blind!   No risk 30 day money back guarantee if not delighted. Order yours now.

    "...the information in the last two issues of your newsletter has saved me $2000 on my current operating expenses."   H. Rahn, Brainerd, MN

    MRLL Only $199 (List $299)

    Residents Handbook
    Protect Yourself, Your Property & Your Business!

    Do you provide a residents manual to all of your tenants? If not, you should. A properly worded residents handbook provides vital protection for every landlord and property manager.  It's just as important as the lease itself  Maybe even more so!

    A handbook educates tenants on house rules, their responsibilities, and greatly reduces management headaches.  It increases tenant satisfaction; reduces turnover; prevents misunderstandings, disputes and lawsuits; encourages tenants to perform preventative maintenance and repairs, and so much more.  And it's a great way for property managers to demonstrate their professionalism to their owner clients.

    The Handbook is thorough, yet concise, addressing every imaginable topic whether you rent apartments or houses.  You can prepare your complete Handbook in about an hour!  Simply copy the Handbook (provided on CD) into your word processor.  Most of it can be used "as is" without modification.  But you can easily modify any clause or add your own clauses to meet your company's operating style.  Many clauses include alternate versions from which to choose.

    A partial list of topics includes:

    • Welcome statement
    • Landlord information and personnel
    • Move-in/Move-out information
    • Rental payments
    • Security deposit
    • Maintenance responsibilities
    • Renovations and alterations
    • Pets
    • Cleaning tips
    • Trash, garbage and recycling
    • Yard
    • Keys and locks
    • Parking
    • Snow Removal
    • Noise
    • Utilities and energy saving tips
    • Vacation checklist
    • Emergencies/Non-emergencies
    • Renter's insurance
    • Guests
    • Roommates
    • Waterbeds
    • Safety tips
    • And so much more!

    Also includes the following important documents: Move-In/Move-Out Form; Notice to Vacate; Moving Checklist; and Damage Charges/Return of Security Deposit.  Includes a complete user manual, printed (and CD) version of the Handbook and all forms, unlimited free technical support, and no risk 30 day money back guarantee. Valid in all 50 states.  Save time and protect yourself and your property.  Reserve yours today.

    Requirements: Windows: Any IBM PC or compatible running Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP/NT/Vista or later, CD-ROM drive, Microsoft Word or any word processor that can read MS Word files, any Windows compatible printer.

    RH Only $79.95 (one-time fee!)

    Landlord Management Forms
    152 Forms for Hassle-Free Management!

    This is an essential collection of forms that no owner or manager of residential rental property should be without. These forms cover every conceivable topic, from application to termination. Drafted by attorneys and real-world tested, these forms are designed to protect you and ensure that your property management is profitable and stress-free. Please see complete description at Landlord Management Forms.

    LMF Only $129.95 (List $149)

    Property Management Agreements on CD
    Vital Protection for Every Property Manager

    If you're a property manager, don't even consider managing property for any owner without an ironclad contract! Protect yourself with a solid management agreement that sets out your understandings with the owner. This is a real-world contract that's been tested in thousands of property management offices nationwide. Ensure you get paid and save yourself from headaches and disputes with owners, costly legal fees, and judgments. Unfortunately, you can't leave property management to chance and a handshake.

    This contract is ideal whether you manage residential or commercial properties.  It's thorough, yet concise, addressing every conceivable topic to protect both you and your fee.  Simply copy and paste the contract into your word processor and use "as is".  Or easily customize with any word processor to address any special concerns. 

    Your contract covers: manager and owner responsibilities; your compensation; power of attorney; required fees; maintenance; representations; insurance; warranties; default; indemnification; liability; legal fees; severability; governing law; heirs and assigns; and so much more.

    Drafted by practicing real estate attorneys and experienced property managers, nothing is overlooked.  Includes easy installation instructions, unlimited free technical support, and no risk 30 day money back guarantee.  Valid in all 50 states.  See also Landlord Management Forms .  Protect yourself and your business.  This is quite small insurance to pay!  Order yours now.

    Requirements: Windows: IBM PC and compatible 486 or higher, Windows 3.1/95/98/2000/ME/XP/NT or later, CD-ROM drive, Microsoft Word (or any word processor that can read MS Word files), any Windows compatible printer.

    PMA Only $39.95 (one-time fee!)

    Property Management Software
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